May 24, 2021
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China-UK-Europe Relationships & Co-operation After Brexit: Rewiring the Connections

China Development Institute (CDI) and Z/Yen are hosting an online expert seminar to take place on 20 May 2021, with a focus on UK-China-Europe Relationships and Co-operation After Brexit.

The objectives of the event:

The future of cooperation in capital markets between China-UK-EU

The trends of regional financial development in Europe

Opportunities and issues that arise for the future.


March 17, 2021

Seminar on global economic outlook and launch of Global Financial Centres Index 29

With global economies struggling to revive, the global financial market is faced with both challenges and opportunities. The seminar brought together industry experts to comment on the outlook of global economy and the reshaping of international and domestic financial market.

After the seminar, the GFCI 29 launch was held in partnership between Z/Yen Group and the China Development Institute…