CDI Held Forums on Sino-US Economic Relations with US Think-tanks


Date: December 4, 2023

China Development Institute jointly held China US Bay Area Cooperation Conference with Bay Area Council Economic Institute and Standford Center on China's Economy and Institutions in San Francisco. Experts at the meeting held that despite the differences between China and the US, both countries are facing a series of common challenges, such as public health, climate change, and the stability of industrial chain and supply chain. China and the US should try to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides at the sub-national level, especially to strengthen non-governmental exchanges between China's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and San Francisco Bay Area. More than 100 experts from the political, business and academic circles of China and the US attended the meeting.

China Development Institute also held the China-US Green Cooperation Forum with Rocky Mountain Institute in Aspen. Experts at the meeting stressed that although China and the US have been competing in terms of economic development and national security in recent years, addressing the global climate change has gradually become the common interest of the two countries, and also the whole world. Both countries should strive to reach consensus and join hands to achieve more economic progress while undertaking climate change mitigation and green transformation.