CDI Holds Forum on Sino British Relations and China’s Economic Outlook in Mansion House, London

20231113 1

Date: November 13, 2023

CDI joined hands with the City of London Corporation and the China Chamber of Commerce in the UKin hosting the forum on Sino-British relations and China’s economic outlook on November 13th in the UK. The forum centered on fostering trust and consensus between China and the UK, delving deep into discussions regarding China's economic growth prospects, opportunities and potential risks for Sino-British relations and financial collaboration.

The forum drew over 200 delegates from government, business, and academic circles. Key speakers included Prof. Fan Gang, President of CDI, and the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Prof. Michael Mainelli. Prof. Fan Gang centered his address on the prospects for China's economic development, emphasizing the progress of China's post-pandemic economy and society while advocating for further openness and collaboration. Lord Mayor Prof. Mainelli also underscored the significance of fostering a stable relationship between China and the UK. He further encouraged active trade and investment interactions, aiming to pave the way for a new chapter in Sino-British relations.

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During CDI’s visit to the UK, the delegation conducted a series of academic seminars and visited several prominent British institutions, including the City of London Corporation, the Bank of England, Z/Yen Group, Scottish Development International, and the Scottish Financial Enterprise.