Zhang Yuge


Senior Research Fellow and Director, Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Regional Development

Research Focus

Opening-Up Policy, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong and Macao and Regional Economics

Master of Literature,Liaoning Normal University

Policy and Platform for a New Model of Shenzhen Opening to Hong Kong and Macao, 2018
Strengthening and Enhancing Macao's Connection Functions, 2018
Formulate and Improve Policy for Hong Kong and Macao Residents in Hengqin (Zhuhai), 2018
Study on Developing Financial Supporting the Construction of Greater Bay Area, 2018
Survey on Employment and Entrepreneurship of Hong Kong and Macao Youth in Luohu, 2018
Study on Development Opportunities for China General Nuclear Power Corporation, 2018
Study on Further Facilitating the Development of Hong Kong Professionals in Shenzhen,2018
Providing More Favorable Conditions for Hong Kong and Macao Compatriots to Work and Live in Shenzhen (Youth in Particular), 2018
Policy Suggestions Regarding the Flow of Personnel in Greater Bay Area, 2018
China's World-Class Bay Area: Innovation and Urban Transformation, 2017
Study on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Macao's Strategic Choice, 2017
Study on Macao Financial Development Strategy, 2017
Study on Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop and Surrounding Areas, 2017
Efficient Movement of Factors of Production: Case Study on Lok Ma Chau Loop, 2017
Study on Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, 2017
Documentary Script of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Twenty Years,2017
Study on CGN Ling'ao Nuclear Power Project,2017
Study on Making New Breakthroughs in Major Areas of Cooperation Between Shenzhen and HK, 2016
Study on Development Strategy of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Port (2016-2030), 2016
Report and Implementation Plan on Construction of Modern Think Tank System in Shenzhen, 2015
Study on Shenzhen’s Role in Solving Hong Kong’s Teenage Problems, 2015
Study on Economic Positioning and Development Models of Hong Kong, 2014
Study on Shenzhen’s Role in Further Promoting Prosperity and Stability of Hong Kong, 2014
Study on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation for the Development of Gulf Economy, 2014
Report on the Transformation of HK Economy and Capital Structure after the Handover, 2013
Study on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cross-boundary Students, 2013
Evaluation and Policy Suggestions of Economic and Social Governance by Hong Kong SAR Government Over Past 15 Years Since its Establishment, 2012

Zhang, Y. (2016).Hong Kong’s Economy at the Crossroad. Beijing: China Economic Publishing House.

Email: zhangyg@cdi.org.cn
Tel:+86-755-8247 0725