Zeng Zhen


Senior Research Fellow and Directorof Institute of Urbanization

Research Focus
Macroeconomics, Opening-Up Policy, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Special Economic Zone, Urban Development, Urbanization, Industrial Planning, Urban Planning, Blue Economy, andRegional Analysis

Master inInternational Shipping Logistics, Hong Kong PolytechUniversity

Action Strategy for Dongguan in the Construction of Greater Bay Area, 2018
Strategy for Integrating Ronggui Street in Shunde District of Foshan into Greater Bay Area, 2018
Study on Development Strategy of Foshan Shunde City Center, 2018
Strategy to Improve Urban Quality of Daliang Neighborhood in Shunde District Foshan, 2018
Industrial Development and Spatial Layout of Leliu Town in Shunde District Foshan, 2018
Project Planning and Industrial Spatial Layout of Chencun Flower Town Project Foshan, 2018
Project and Concept Planning of Longjiantian Science and Technology Town of Dongguan, 2018
Study on Mechanism of "Regional Coordination Group" of Dongguan Water Township, 2018
Regional Development Against the Backdrop of Greater Bay Area, 2017
Study on Spatial Layout and Industrial Development of Zhuhai Commerce and Logistics Center, 2017
Research on the Strategy of Dongguan under the Background of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,2017

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