Yu Lingqu


Vice Director, Department of Financial Development and State-owned Assets and State-owned Enterprise Research

Research Focus
Belt and Road Initiative, Opening-Up Policy, Hong Kong and Macao, Finance, Investment, New Economy, and Business Strategy

Ph.D. inEconomics, Liaoning University

China’s Financial Center Index (CDI CFCI): Zooms in Xi’an, 2016
Study on Developing Jinan City into a Regional Financial Center, 2016
13th Five Year Strategic Plan for Shenzhen Investment Holdings, 2016
13th Five Year Plan for Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., 2016
13th Five Year Strategic Plan for Shenzhen’s State-Owned Enterprise Reform, 2015
China’s Opening Up Beige Book (2014-2015), 2015
Shenzhen 10-Years Finance Review and Summary (2003-2013), 2013
Consultation for Comprehensive Reform of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone,2013
12th Five-Year Plan of Systematic Financing for Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province,2012
Strategies for Internationalization of Shenzhen’s Financial Industry,2012
13th Five Year Plan for Financial Industry of Shenzhen, 2011
Development Plan for Xi'an Financial Center (2011-2020),2011

Zhang, J., Liu, G., Yu, L., Hu. C., Yu. P., Zhang. P.,& Zhang, X. (2017). China’s Financial Center Index (CDI CFCI 9). Beijing: China Economic Publishing House.

Email: yulingqu@cdi.org.cn
Tel:+86-755-8247 1436