Wang Zhen

Wang Zhen

Senior Research Fellow and Vice Director, Department of Regional Planning and Development

Research Focus
Macroeconomics, Belt and Road Initiative, Opening-Up Policy, Regional Economics, Special Economic Zone, Industrial Planning, International Trade, and Business Strategy

Master of Economics, Sun Yat-Sen University

Consultation for Kilifi Industrial Park in Kenya, 2016
Consultation for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, 2016
Study on Free Trade Map of Countries and Regions along the “One Belt and One Road” (“OBOR”), 2016
Development Strategy of Ethiopian Industrial Park (Special Economic Zone), 2015
Study on Upgrading "Going Out" Strategy, 2015
Development Model and Empirical Study on Special Economic Zones in China, 2015
Project of Ethiopian Special Economic Zone, 2014
The Research of Strengthening the Cross-strait Cooperation of Industrial Parks (Taiwan), 2013
Policy Study on Regulatory Framework for Industrial Relocation in China, 2012

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