Li Chunmei

Li Chunmei

Research Assistant

Research Focus
Renewable Energy Policy, Energy Economics

Master of Economics, Harbin Institute of Technology


Study on China’s pathways for achieving peak carbon emission and carbon neutralization, 2021

Implementation plan for the construction of Sanlongwan high-end innovation cluster in Foshan during the 14th five-year plan period, 2021

Industrial development plan of "greater third ring road" in Anxi county Quanzhou, 2021

Pilot demonstration study on peak carbon emission and carbon neutralization of Shenzhen, 2021

Study on Closing the Subsidy Gap of New Energy Power Generation, 2020

Report on Arrears of New Energy Subsidies, 2020

Development Plan of Shenzhen Exchange Group Co., Ltd. during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period, 2020

Outline of 14th Five-Year Plan of Shishi City Fujian, 2020

Study on Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Producer Service Industry Development in Shenzhen, 2020

14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy in Futian District Shenzhen, 2019

Rural Revitalization Strategic Plan for Shishi (2018-2022), 2019

Preliminary Study on Shishi's 14th Five-Year Plan, 2019

Strategic Development Plan of SHUIFA Group (2019-2028), 2019

Comprehensive Reform Plan of China General Nuclear Power Corporation, 2018
Industry Plan of Rizhao Hailong Bay Transformation and Development, 2018
Study on Electricity Sector Marketization Reform of Shenergy Group, 2017

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