Ding Chengwei

Ding Chengwei

Research Assistant

Research Focus
Blue Economy, Public Governance, Innovation-Driven Growth, Regional Economics

Master of Natural Science; Xiamen University

International Comparative Study of Shenzhen's Construction of a Global Marine City, 2018
Three-year Action Plan of Luohu to Implement Construction of Innovation Demonstration Area, 2018
Preliminary Study on Development of Marine Think Tanks in Shenzhen, 2018
Implementation Plan and Progress Evaluation for Shenzhen Innovative Marine Economic Development, 2018
Implementation and Longitudinal Evaluation of Shenzhen Marine Economic Development, 2018
Plan of Fishing Port Economic Transformation and Upgrading of Shenzhen, 2018

E-mail: dingcw@cdi.org.cn
Tel: +86-755-2512 1415