Renewable Energy: Way out of Energy Crisis for FSM

On September 28, Governor Marcelo Peterson of Pohnpei State met with Prof. Fan Gang, President of CDI, and they had discussion on economic and social developments of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

Governor Marcelo Peterson briefed strategic plans for the FSM aquaculture, agriculture and tourism sectors. Aquaculture and agriculture have been highlighted by the FSM government as potential economic avenues that could meet the local demands for food and bring economic benefits including job creation and increased exports. Eco tourism, another area of potential for the FSM, has been targeted at high-end customers and emphasized environmental protection.

What’s more, the FSM is also faced with energy crisis as it heavily relies on imported fuel. With this regard, Prof. Fan Gang suggested that the FSM could consider comprehensive use of multiple renewable energy resources ranging from wind, solar to water so as to have access to affordable and reliable energy, which is vital for driving economic growth.