CDI Delegation Attends Singapore Roundtable on China – India Economic Integration

President of CDI, Pro. Fan Gang and Postdoctoral Researcher, Zhang Guoping attended roundtable on China-India Economic Integration jointly hosted by the CDI, Center for Policy Research and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth in Singapore, from September 11 to 14. The roundtable aims to explore the feasibility of furthering closer economic integration between China and India under current conditions of bilateral relations.

President Fan and the representatives of Center for Policy Research and Mastercard Center conducted a sound discussion on the formulation of an effective modality of operating joint research with the purpose of accelerating China-India economic and trade cooperation and promoting other relevant mutually beneficial relationship. During the roundtable, CDI and CPR delegation clarified the framework for pilot joint research and identified the key issue, such as inclusive growth, employment, micro entrepreneurship and productivity, and urban planning.