The Global Financial Centres Index 20 (GFCI 20)

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London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong remain the four leading global financial centres. On a scale of 1,000 points, a lead of fewer than 20 points indicates relative parity. London remains just ahead of New York, leading New York by 1 point. New York (2nd) is now 42 points ahead of Singapore (3rd). Singapore is four points ahead of Hong Kong (4th).

Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing rank as the top three financial centres on the Chinese mainland. Shanghai (16th) is 9 points ahead of Shenzhen (22nd). Shenzhen now leads Beijing (26th) by 8 points.

The GFCI provides profiles, rating and rankings for 87 financial centres, drawing on two separate sources of data - instrumental factors (five broad ‘areas’ of competitiveness, namely business environment, financial sector development, infrastructure, human capital and reputational factors) measured externally and financial centre assessments by international financial services professionals in an ongoing online questionnaire. It was first published in 2007 and then updated and republished each September and March.