Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang

Senior Research Fellow and Director, Department of Regional Planning and Development

Research Focus
Regional Economics, Industrial Planning, Zone Planning and Development, and Urban Renewal

Master of Industrial Economics, Wuhan University of Technology

13th Five Year Strategy of Shenzhen Qianhai Development Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, 2016
Study on Building Nanshan District, Shenzhen as an Economic, Scientific, Cultural and International Communication Center, 2016
13th Five Year Strategy of Shenzhen Investment Holding Group, 2016
Industrial Planning of Pingshan High-Tech Development Zone (2017-2025), 2016
Industrial Planning of Yunlong Demonstration Area, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, 2016
Industrial Planning of Changan New District, Dongguan, 2016
Industrial Planning of Export Processing Pilot Zone in Ganzhou, 2016
Industrial Planning of New-Tech and Ecological City in Jinmen, 2016
Implementation Plan to Build Luoyang as A Pilot City for “Made in China 2025” (2017-2019), 2016
Implementation Plan to Build Luoyang as A Pilot City for Industry-Finance Cooperation (2017-2019), 2016
Comprehensive Planning for High-Tech Development Zone in Pingshan, 2016
13th Five Year Plan for Shenzhen Modern Logistics Industry, 2015
13th Five Year Plan for Industrial Development in Luoyang, 2014
Industrial Planning of Medical and Health Services Sector of Shenzhen, 2014
Industrial Planning of Strategic and Emerging Sectors of Luoyang, 2014
Report on Development Strategy Study for Industrial Parks (SEZs) in Ethiopia, 2014
Function Orientation and Development of National Economic Zone, 2013
12th Five Year Plan for National Economic and Technical Development Zone and Border Economic Cooperation Zone, 2010
Research on Improving Industrial Cluster and Special Economic Zones in China, 2010

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