Feng Yueqiu

Feng Yueqiu

Director, International Cooperation Department

Master in english, economics

In 1993, she joined China Development Institute and now is in charge of liaison with relevant international research institutions, organizing academic events, and editing annual reports. Currently, she is the convener of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Forum, Pan-Beibu Gulf (PBG) Think Tank Summit, Shanghai-Tianjin-Shenzhen Forum on Comprehensive Reform, Shenzhen Financial Center Development Forum and CDI Annual Meeting.  

The selected compilation of books:
The Prospects of East Asian Economy in the Process of Economic Integration;
The Ideal Way for Regional Cooperation and the Role of South China;
Low-carbon Cities in Action - Policies and Practices.
"Learning and Innovation: Based on Industrial Cluster";
 "Asian Financial Crisis and Its Impact on China".

The Research Projects:
Research on the Development Strategy of Pearl River Delta;
Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Case Study of PRD;
Economic Rebalancing Strategy of China and America: Analysis from the Perspective of Industrial Policy;
The Role of Guangxi in the ASEAN FTA.

Email: carolf@cdi.com.cn