An Ran

An Ran

Senior Research Fellow and Executive Director, Department of Sustainable Development and Blue Economy

Research Focus
Blue Economy, Belt and Road Initiative, Regional Economics, Industrial Planning, and Industrial Park

Master of Economics, Central China Normal University


Study on promoting urban-rural integrated development of Shenzhen-Shanwei special cooperation zone, 2021

Industrial planning and business model planning of wuchang fishing port economic zone in Wanning Hainan, 2021

Master development plan of economic and technological development zone in Hongqiqu Linzhou (2021-2030), 2021

Industrial orientation and development planning of marine science and technology industrial park (phase one) in Dapeng new district Shenzhen, 2021

Study on operation and management mode of six beach-sea areas in Dapeng Shenzhen, 2021

Global ocean centers - Qingdao index, 2021

Study on bay enterprises entering Guangxi (undertaking seaward industries), 2021

Study on industrial and economic feasibility of Chengxi area in Putuo Zhoushan, 2021

Study on innovation and development of marine economy in Shenzhen, 2021

Study on the development of Shenzhen marine industry in 2021, 2021

Study on marine economy and industrial development in Qianhai Shenzhen, 2021

Study on comprehensive development planning of China Nano valley, 2021

Industrial planning and feasibility study for Hisibi culture and sports innovation center in Shenzhen, 2021

Study on China’s total carbon dioxide emission control mechanism, 2021

Pilot demonstration study on peak carbon emission and carbon neutralization of Shenzhen, 2021

Study on comprehensive treatment and sustainable development of water environment in Nanliu river basin of Guangxi, 2021

Study on Shenzhen's Policies and Strategies for Building A Global Marine City, 2018
International Comparative Study of Shenzhen's Construction of a Global Marine City, 2018
How to Leverage the Driving Force of Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area, 2018
Study on Collaborative Development and Innovation Model of Science and Technology for Dongguan, Hong Kong and Macao, 2018
Dongguan Binhaiwan New Zone Development Master Plan, 2018
Formulation of Three-Year Action Plan for Guangdong's Marine Industry, 2018
Guangdong Future Industry (Gas Hydrate) Development Plan, 2018
Implementation Plan and Progress Evaluation for Shenzhen Innovative Marine Economic Development, 2018
Special Plan of Marine Economic Development of Qianhai, Shenzhen, 2018
Tangshan Marine Economic Development Plan, 2018
Formulation of Integrated Implementation Plan for Shenzhen Marine Emerging Industrial Base, 2018
Study on Shenzhen Establishing Demonstration Zone on Sustainable Development (2017-2030), 2017
Study on Cooperation between Shenzhen and Pacific Island Countries, 2017
Master Plan of Shenzhen Building Demonstration Zone on Marine Economic Development, 2017
Implementation Plan of Shenzhen Marine Economy Innovation during 13th Five-Year Plan, 2017
Feasibility Study on Deep-Sea Fishery Bases of Liancheng in Micronesia, 2016
Study on Great Bay Area of Guangdong, HK and Macao and Regional Development of Zhuhai, 2016
Study on Development Strategy and Financing Model of Binhai Development Zone in Dongguan City, 2016
China’s Opening Up Beige Book (2014-2015), 2015
13th Five Year Plan for Business and Technological Innovation of Dongguan City. 2015
13th Five Year Plan for Blue Economic Development of Guangdong Province, 2015
13th Five Year Plan for Blue Economic Development of Guangzhou, 2015
2014 Shenzhen Blue Industry Development Report, 2015
13th Five Year Plan for Blue Economic Development of Shenzhen, 2015
Statistical Survey and System Integration of Shenzhen Blue Economy, 2015
Industrial Plan for Marine Emerging Industry Bases of Shenzhen, 2015
Study on Accelerating Integrated Development of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, 2015
Study on Dongguan’s Integration with Guangdong’s Free Trade Zones, 2015
Strategy and Policy for Shenzhen’s Participation in Building 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, 2014
Study on Shenzhen Economic and Trade Cooperation in the Framework of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, 2014
Study on Convention & Exhibition Industry and High-Speed Railway Economy in Houjie Township, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 2013
Strategy for Modern Service Industry in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, 2012

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