Message from the President

China Development Institute (CDI) has been established for more than 20 years. Led by politicians and economists in the previous generation, young intellectuals in CDI have created a unique model for its development in Shenzhen, a pioneer city of reform, which contributes greatly to the economic reform and development, especially to China’s soft science, research and consulting on public policy.

China still has a long way to go on its reform and development. During the process of industrialization, urbanization and internationalization, new problems and conflicts would continuously come out and getting more and more complicated. Hence professional institutions with broader visions and knowledge are in need to make in-depth study on public policies and provide practical recommendations for the governments. 20 years experience has laid a solid foundation for CDI’s further development. In the 21st century, CDI should keep on committing itself to upgrade knowledge, to improve research quality and to cultivate talents in a bid to meet the demand of new situation and to make more contributions to sustain China’s prosperity.

Professor Fan Gang
China Development Institute