Australian Consul in Guangzhou Visited

Mr. Chris Yost, Australian Consul in Guangzhou for political and economic affairs, visited CDI and met with Dr. Zhang Jiansen, Director of Finance and Modern Industry Research Center, Dr. Yu Lingqu, whose research focuses on financial industry, and Ms. Feng Yueqiu, Director of International Cooperation Department. The interview intention was to grasp the full picture about status quo of China’s securities market. With the emphasis on Shenzhen securities market, Dr. Zhang explained its difference with its counterpart in Shanghai and its relation with Hong Kong stock market. Dr. Zhang held that considering its active capital flow and high level opening up, Shenzhen securities market still has huge development potential, while government shall play a better role as a regulator to promote its marketization. From a micro perspective, Dr. Yu illustrated the growth momentum with specific data and operation mechanism of Shenzhen stock market.