Australian Consul-General Visited

Mr. Dominic Trindade, Australian Consul-General in Guangzhou, and Ms. Julie-Anne Nichols, Australian Deputy Consul-General in Guangzhou, paid a visit to CDI and met with Dr. Qu Jian, Vice President, and Researcher Yu Jun. Dr. Qu briefly introduced the background and status quo of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone(SEZ), and then answered a series of questions concerning the planning of Free Trade Zones(FTZs) in China, especially Qianhai & Shekou Area of Guandong Pilot FTZ. He described SEZ as version 1.0 of opening-up, and FTZ, version 2.0. As is pointed out by Dr. Qu, Qianhai is oriented to open modern services to the outside world, with emphasis on financial innovation and RMB internationalization. Besides, he also holds that governments should play a role in building up FTZs to solve problems which cannot be dealt with by the market.