2017 News

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December 14, 2017

CDI Delegates Conduct the Feasibility Study on the Establishment of Special Economic Zone in Sindh

From December 9 to 14, CDI delegation led by Dr. Qu Jian, Vice President of CDI, went on a field trip to Pakistan for a feasibility study on China Special Economic Zone Dhabeji, which is part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In the meetings with the government of Sindh, Pakistani consultancies, Chinese investors and Chinese Consulate-General in Karachi, CDI delegates conducted the…

September 27, 2017

Dr. Qu Jian Attends the Third Investing in Africa Forum

During September 25 to 27, Vice President Dr. Qu Jian attended the Third Investing in Africa Forum and gave a presentation themed on “Promoting Africa Leapfrogging through Innovation” at Parallel Session: Special IATTA Roundtable. Dr. Qu Jian noted that to achieve leapfrogging development, African countries should pay attention to the life-cycle management of special economic zones by…

September 14, 2017

CDI Delegation Attends Singapore Roundtable on China – India Economic Integration

President of CDI, Pro. Fan Gang and Postdoctoral Researcher, Zhang Guoping attended roundtable on China-India Economic Integration jointly hosted by the CDI, Center for Policy Research and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth in Singapore, from September 11 to 14. The roundtable aims to explore the feasibility of furthering closer economic integration between China and India under current…

September 08, 2017

CDI Delegation Attends 2017 GRI International Conference

Zheng Yujie, Director of Department of Think Tank Research and Information, and Liu Yu, Executive Director of Silver-Lake New Energy Research Institute attended the 2017 GRI International Conference (SEE - Sustainability, Energy and Environment) held by Gyeonygi Research Institute at Suwon, South Korea from September 5 to 7. Zheng Yujie presented on the blooming bicycle sharing industry in China,…

September 04, 2017

Dr. Guo Wanda Attends Singapore and Hong Kong: Comparative Perspective on the Occasion of the 20th…

Executive Vice President, Dr. Guo Wanda, attended the “Singapore and Hong Kong: Comparative Perspective on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Handover” workshop held by the Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU, the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, NTU, and the Hong Kong Singapore Business Association in Singapore on September 4. Dr. Guo Wanda spoke on “Shenzhen - Hong Kong: Review…

August 25, 2017

CDI Signs MOUs with Belarusian Think Tanks

During a visit led by Vice President Wu Liangcheng to Belarus from August 21 to 25, CDI signed MOUs with the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Belarusian Research Institute of Transport Transtekhnika to deepen China-Belarus cooperation and synergize development policies under the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

CDI and the two Belarusian institutes agreed to…

August 17, 2017

Dr. Wu Liangchen Attends BRICS Seminar on Governance

On August 17, Dr. Wu Liangchen, Vice President of CDI, attended BRICS Seminar on Governance. Dr. Wu Liangchen’s keynote speech focused on Shenzhen Special Economic Zone’s innovation development.

According to Dr. Wu Liangcheng’s speech, the successful experience of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is as follows: to explore system reforms and institutional arrangements in small trial areas and then…

July 31, 2017

Dr. Wang Guowen Attends the 1st “Belt & Road” International Business Forum

On July 31, Dr. Wang Guowen, Director of Department of Logistics and SCM attended the 1st ‘Belt & Road’ International Business Forum. Dr. Wang Guowen gave a keynote speech themed on the construction of “Belt and Road” Initiative and cooperation with Western Australia.

The proposal of three blue economic passages will bring chance for upcoming prosperity of maritime trade between China and…

June 16, 2017

Trilateral Journalist Delegation from China, Japan and South Korea Visits CDI

Journalist delegation from China, Japan and South Korea visited CDI on June 16. Mr. Zheng Yujie, Director of Information and Communications Department, Mr. Zhoulin, Director of Innovation and Industry Research Center, and Mr. Liu Guohong, Director of Finance and Modern Industry Research Department, exchanged views with the delegation on the topics of China Manufacturing 2025, innovative…

June 04, 2017

Minister of Special Economic Zones of the Republic of Congo Visits CDI

On June 4th, Alain Akouala Atipault, Minister of Special Economic Zones of the Republic of Congo, visited CDI and held discussion with Dr. Qu Jian, Vice President of CDI.

Dr. Qu introduced the history, category, supervision and experience of Chinese Special Economic Zones and gave suggestions for Pointe-Noire Special Economic Zone. Afterwards, SEZ minister Alain Akouala Atipault introduced how…

April 13, 2017

Delegation from University of Amsterdam Visits CDI

Students and teachers from University of Amsterdam visited CDI on March 31, and CDI experts on urban planning had academic exchange with them. The meeting is aimed at sharing Shenzhen’s successful experience in urbanization and construction of low-carbon city.

Urban villages in Shenzhen have been transformed successfully, so residents can live better and enjoy modern life. To construct low-carbon…

March 21, 2017

MOU Signed Between CDI and The European House – Ambrosetti

President Prof. Fan Gang of CDI and Senior Partner of Ambrosetti Paolo Borzatta signed MOU on March 21, 2017. The two parties have agreed to join forces of the two think tanks in terms of China-Europe related research programs and events. The MOU will strengthen the partnership between CDI and Ambrosetti.

For the fourth consecutive year, The European House - Ambrosetti has been nominated - in the…