2016 CDI Newsletter Volume 5

More actions need to be taken to boost growth, and the Chinese government is advocating structural reforms, by encouraging more innovation. We hope that China does not deviate too much from its old path of investment

2016 CDI Newsletter Volume 4

GDP rose 6.7% y/y in Q1. Although that is still slower than in Q4 2015, improved main indicators for growth bolster our confidence in future growth.

2016 CDI Newsletter Volume 3

The housing prices in first-tier cities have surged, which is not suprising in the light of the population migration. We are still confident about China's housing market, as long as the Chinese economy is growing at a moderate rate.

2015 CDI Newsletter Volume 5

Is the slowdown of the Chinese economy essentially good or bad? Over the past 30 years or more, China has mainly adopted the export-oriented development model. Relying on its great advantages in human resources and its unmatched advantage as a huge market, China has become the world’s leading manufacturer.

2015 CDI Newsletter Volume 4

At present, the Chinese economy is still in a downturn state, but this is mainly due to the economic cycle. As a result, we should never be too pessimistic about the economy of our country.