Prospect and Opportunities under Sino-US Trade Friction

One May 7, 2018, CDI and AmCham jointly organized a timely event titled “Dagger Drawn: What does U.S.-China Trade Standoff Mean for You?” in Hong Kong. The panel discussion focused on the current U.S.- China trade tension and the impact on business in the region. During the discussion, the panelists talked about the prospects of the trade war and the possibility to avoid it. CDI expert and fellow panelists stated that two countries have significant difference on culture, social structure, institution as well as two different economic systems. To solve the friction, two countries need to establish an inclusively frequent communication and docking mechanism on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Moreover, China's future economic, industry and trade development should serve to strive win-win result for both countries. CDI expert pointed out that there are still rooms for transnational companies to expand in China, even under the current moment. Companies should well study and interpret the national strategic planning for development to seek opportunities.