Liu Rongxin

Executive Director, Institute of Regional Development Planning 

Research Focus
Public policy; regional economy; industrial economy

PhD in Economics, Nankai University, China
M.Eng. Zhejiang University, China

Selected Projects
Urban Investment Environment in China (2011) 
Policy Study on Industrial Transfer and Upgrading in Guangdong Province (2011)
The 12th Five Year Plan of National Economic& Technological Development Zone, and Border Economic Cooperation Zone (2010)
Investment Guideline of Pearl River Delta Area (2010)
Investment Guideline of Yangtze River Delta Area (2010)
Policy Study on Multinational Corporation Investing in Guangdong Province (2009)
Foreign Trade Development Strategy in Post-Finance Crisis Era (2009)
Study on the Comparativeness of Export Industry in East Asia (2008)
National Creative City Index System Study (2007)
Feasibility Study of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Airport Cooperation (2004)
Industrial Comparativeness Index System Study (2002) 
Reform Plan to Refund and Develop a Projects of Road and Tunnel in Shenzhen (2002)
Plan on Broadening Shenzhen Duty-free Zones (2002)
Report on Promoting Overall Competitiveness of Shenzhen Transportation Industry (2001)
Development Strategy and Plan for Yantian Port Holdings (2000)
Study on Development of Shenzhen’s High-tech and New Industry (1999)

Selected Publications 
Study on the Issues of China’s Economy during the Period of transformation; 
A Report on Development of China’s International Competitiveness; 
A Report on Development of China’s International Competitiveness;
Asia’s Financial Crisis and Its Impact; 
Four Small Dragons during the Asia’s Financial Crisis;
Issues of Competitiveness at the times of Competition;
A Study on East Asian Export Competitiveness