Fang Xueqin

Fang Xueqing

Research Assistant

Research Focus
Regional Economics, Industrial Planning, Industrial Park, Commerce, and Business Strategy

Master of Natural Science, East China Normal University

Plan of the Construction of Commercial Center and Guanlan Commercial District, Longhua, Shenzhen, 2018
Study on Comprehensive Industrial Planning for Qianhai-Shekou Free Trade Area, 2016
Feasibility Study on Industrial Complex for Shenzhen Shidaishang (Tax Free) Headquarter, 2016
Study on Yuehai Qianhai Global Supply Chain Management Center, 2016
Industrial Plan of Urban Renewal for Shenzhen Buji Wholesale Vegetable Market, 2015
Study on China’s Consumption Upgrading and Construction of Shenzhen Consumption Center, 2015
13th Five Year Plan for Shenzhen’s Commercial Industry, 2015
Study on Developing Emerging Consumption Engines in Shenzhen, 2015
Updating and Analysis of Shenzhen 2015 Commercial Network Data, 2015
2014 Data Updating and Analysis of Commercial Service Network in Shenzhen, 2014
Emergency Storage Plan of Basic Necessities in Shenzhen, 2014

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