Macroeconomic Strategy


1 Monthly Observation on China’s Macro Economy
2 Consultation for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo
3 Study on Free Trade Map of Countries and Regions along the “One Belt and One Road” (“OBOR”)
4 Feasibility Study on Deep-Sea Fishery Bases of Liancheng in Micronesia
5 Consultation for Kilifi Industrial Park in Kenya
6 Feasibility Study on BOMAS International Conference and Exhibition Centre in Kenya
7 Investment Feasibility Study on CCECC Dire Dawa Industrial Park in Ethiopia


1 China’s Opening Up Beige Book (2014-2015)
2 Reflection on China's Urbanization and Metropolises
3 13th Five-Year Plan and Long-term Economic Growth of China
4 Study on Upgrading "Going Out" Strategy
5 Development Model and Empirical Study on Special Economic Zones in China
6 HK Economy at the Crossroad
7 Quality of Urbanization: Transferring and Upgrading
8 Development Strategy of Ethiopian Industrial Park (Special Economic Zone)
9 Development Strategy and Policy Study of Indian VIZAG-Chennai Industrial Corridor
10 Chinese Version of Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era


1 Project of Ethiopian Special Economic Zone
2 APEC Public-Private Dialogue on building Asia-Pacific Partnership through Global Value Chain Collaboration
3 Australia-China International Standards Project
4 Study on Accounting Systems and Methods for Residential Property Rental in the U.S.
5 Study on Economic Positioning and Development Models of Hong Kong
6 Study on Shenzhen’s Role in Further Promoting Prosperity and Stability of Hong Kong