Ju Shaoda

Ju Shaoda

Research Associate

Research Focus
Industrial Planning, Industrial Park, Regional Economics, Renewable Energy

Master of Engineering, North China Electric Power University

Study on Guangdong-Guangxi-Guizhou High-speed Rail Economic Belt Cooperation Pilot Zone (Guangdong Park), 2018
Mid-term Evaluation of Implementation of Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Special Pilot Zone, 2018
Study on Development of Zhengzhou Equine Industry Free Trade Zone and Zhengzhou Equestrian Town, 2018
Development Plan of Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing-Qingyuan-Yunfu-Shaoguan Economic Circle, 2017
Study on Planning of Chinese Medicine Tourism Towns in Mangshi City Yunnan Province, 2017
Master Plan for Guangxi Park (Liuzhou) of Guangdong-Guangxi-Guizhou High-Speed Rail Economic Belt Cooperation Area, 2016

Chen, W., Wang, J., Wang, X., Ju, S., Liu, X., Liu, Y., . . . Wei, Q. (2018). The Blue Book on the Development of Fashion Industry in China. Beijing: Economy & Management Publishing House.

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