Zhen Xuejun

Research Fellow

Research Focus
Public Policy Studies, Macroeconomic, Enterprise Strategy and Financial Issues

Before Dr. Zhen joined CDI in 2000, she had almost 10 years of experience in financial management in another state-owned company. As a senior researcher, she has always been involved in economic research and consulting projects, especially studies on government public policies, enterprise strategy and financial issues. From 2007 to 2012, as a visiting scholar, Dr. Zhen was invited to Canada to engage in a study on competitive analysis of education, health care and housing between Canada and China.

PhD in Economics, Nankai University
Selected Projects
Building Public Financial System of Shenzhen (2000)
Financial Strategy of Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Co., Ltd (2001)
Renewal of Management and Performance System of China National Accord Medicines Corporation, Ltd (2002)
Strategic Planning for China National Accord Medicines Corporation., Ltd (2003)
Salary System Design & Performance Appraisal for China National Accord Medicines Corporation, Ltd (2003)
Study on Shenzhen Financial Development and Issues (2003)
Design of Shenzhen emergency response system (2003)
Comparative Study on the Educational Contribution on Shenzhen’s GDP (2004)
A Study on Promotion Strategy for Advantageous Traditional Industries in Shenzhen (2005)
Comparative Study on Insurance Industry in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen (2005)
Study on Housing Issues of the Transient Population (2005)
Research on promotion steps for District Longgang of Shenzhen (2005)
Planning for Emergency Management System during 11th Five Year Plan Period (2006)
Shenzhen Finance Development Report (2006-2011)

Selected Publications
Reform of State-owned Enterprise and Extricate from Deflation
Join in WTO: Effect on Globalization of Accounting Standards
Financial Leverage Effect and Risk Management
Loss Corporations can’t Secede from Production and Deflation
In the View of Economic Globalization: Choice of Enterprise’s Financial Strategy
Analysis of Cost-benefit for Government: New Point in Promoting Competitive Power of Cities
Choosing Enterprises’ Capital Structures in Different Management Structures
Study on Index of Educational Choices in Canada and the salutary lesson for China

Email: zhenxj@cdi.com.cn