Jiang Xuemin

Executive Director, Department of Urban and Industrial Economics  
Research Focus 
Enterprise management and development strategy, industrial Economics and regional economic planning

Master in Economics, Southwest Finance University

Selected Projects
Feasibility Study for Intel Co. (U.S.A.) for Its Investment in Shenzhen; 
Development Strategy for Xiangfu Electronics Group; 
Research on Improving Shenzhen’s State-owned Property Management System on Three Layers; 
Layout of National Small Town Experimental Unit in Buji Town, Shenzhen; 
Influence on Shenzhen’s Tourism and Countermeasure Study after China’s WTO Entry; 
Report on Solving the Problems Left behind That Caused by land Scare Buying in Huiyang;
Decade Economic Development Strategy Report on Huizhou City in 21st Century; 
State Economic and Social Development Strategy Report on Bao’an District, Shenzhen; 
Study on Developing External Environment of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre; 
Strategic Move toward Optimizing Shenzhen’s Soft Environment of Attracting Commercial Investment; 
Plan and Development Strategy for Nanshan’s New and High- Tech Zone;
Concept Plan of Guangzhou Nansha Automobile Logistic Base; 
Development Pivot of Longgang Modern Service Industry and a Countermeasure Study

Selected Publications
A Development Report on China’s International Competitiveness; 
Linkage between Shenzhen and Hong Kong to Create Mutual Prosperity”; 
Financial Crisis Storm: A Perspective on Southeast Asian Financial Crisis; 
The Second Shock Wave: From Southeast Financial Crisis to the Change of World Economy 
VCD Market and Over Competition; 
Feature and Advantage equaling Competitiveness; 
On Concept and Measurement of International Competitiveness of Industrial Organization; 
Developing Shenzhen Technology Property Rights Market While in Competition; 
Perspective on Conduct of Hong Kong Government from the Point of Economic Liberalism

Email: xuemin@cdi.com.cn