Chen Xiuzhen


Director, South China and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Economic Research Centre  
Research Focus
Regional cooperation and financial issues; cooperation between Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

PhD in economy

Selected Projects
A Study on Northward Consumption of Hong Kong Residence (2001);
On Department Budget Reform of Shenzhen (2001);
A Project of Anti-Corruption and Protection System in Shenzhen (2000);
On Reform of State-owned Access Management System of Administration& Services Units in Shenzhen;
A Study on Development Strategy of Nanshan District;
A Study on Public Expenditure in Hong Kong and Singapore;
Index of Economic Tie between Hong Kong and the Hinterland;
A Study on International Competitiveness of Hong Kong;
A Study on Mechanisms for Increasing of Shenzhen’s Financial Income;
On Reform of Shenzhen’s Governmental Purchase;
A Study on Strength of Science and Technology;
A Study on Economic and Technological Cooperation between Shenzhen and the Regions along Beijing-Kowloon Railway Line (1997);
A Study on the Operation among Shenzhen Ports and Hong Kong Ports

Selected Publications
A Deep View into Eurocurrency: the Operating Framework and System of Eurocurrency;
Prosperity or Decline: A View on Hong Kong from CDI;
A Development Report on China’s International Competitiveness (1997);
A Development Report on China’s International Competitiveness (1999);